Lindsay P., Westwood

I can't say enough about Paradise. The staff-Inez, Billy, michelle and Tommy are warm, professional and caring.  They not only work on the gymnastics but the overall well being of the gymnast.  My girls are always so proud of their accomplishments and excited to go to practice.   In the short period of time we have been here since switching gyms I see a difference in them.

Kris M., Bellingham 

Paradise Gymnastics is the BEST! My daughter came to them frustrated and ready to quite the sport of gymnastics. Over the course of 6 years, they have helped her to develop in so many ways beyond the sport of gymnastics. They build the gymnasts up, drive them toward excellence and truly provide the tools they need. My daughter is now a 5 time Regional competitor and her successes go well beyond metals and trophies, because the coaches have helped her develop self confidence, a strong work ethic, and a positive outlook.

Kim R., Westwood 

Paradise Gymnastics has been a fantastic environment for our daughter. We found Paradise after transitioning from another gym in the area, and we have had an exceptionally positive experience.  Our daughter has  participated in their Xcel competition teams (which regularly excel at both the State and Regional level) as well as their recreational program, tumbling clinics, and summer camp.  Paradise strikes a uniquely successful balance of safely teaching very strong skills and technique while also ensuring that their gymnasts have fun and feel cared for.  Their coaches are consistent and dedicated, and they develop gymnasts who end up loving the sport and growing in confidence.  We feel very fortunate to have found Paradise and recommend it very highly.

Christine D., Medfield

Paradise is not only a place for your children to learn gymnastics, but where they learn life skills.  I have three daughters all of whom are or were gymnasts at Paradise.  My oldest two girls started at Paradise when they were four and six and only recently ended their gymnastics careers in middle and high school respectively.  The coaches here instilled a love for the sport and helped my daughters build confidence in their abilities.  As the girls grew older their interests broadened, but they never lost their love for gymnastics.  The coaches at Paradise were flexible, understanding, encouraging and dedicated to providing the best training that would meet their needs.  My youngest daughter is now on the Team and she is growing into a strong and confident gymnast.  The coaches at Paradise teach the girls skills in a way that makes training fun, but also encourages the girls to try their best.  All three of my daughters showed determination, persistence and self-confidence.  The encouragement they received from not only the coaches, but fellow teammates speaks to the positive, family-oriented environment this gym strives to create.  They truly work to build a team where one girl's success is celebrated by everyone.  The atmosphere, coaching and overall positive experience cause my children to flip to the gym with smiles and enthusiasm!

Lisa Marie R., Walpole

My daughter loves the program at Paradise. Her coach is attentive and encouraging and really enjoys coaching the kids.  Also, they pay close attention to correct positioning and safety. This is very important as my daughter learns the fundamentals of tumbling, bars,vault etc.  The end of season show was fantastic.

Veronica K., Medfield

My 8 yo daughter loves Paradise Gymnastics! When you ask her why, she says, "Because gymnastics is my thing!"  This positive and confident attitude has been instilled in her by her Paradise coaches. They are professional, warm, fun, and know how to motivate young gymnasts.

Nancy K., Medfield

Can't say enough about this gym and the coaches.  My daughter says gymnastics is her passion.  We tried several gyms prior to landing at Paradise.  The other gyms all had highschool kids as teachers.  At Paradise her coaches are trained adult athletic instructors.  She couldn't do a cartwheel after two years at other local gyms.  After a year at Paradise she was winning the All Around at gymnastics meets.  I can't get over how much she's advanced. I recommend Paradise above any gym in the area.

Samantha M., Westwood

We just switched to Paradise this fall and my daughter joined the Junior Selects team. We are thrilled we made the switch--the coaching is excellent. We've already seen a huge improvement in her skills since she joined. In addition, my daughter feels warmly welcomed to the community and has made a lot of great new friends!

Carrie C., Walpole

My daughter has been going to Paradise Gymnastics for 6 years! She loves the coaches! Their warm encouragement and helpful instruction has made her want to come back year after year. Paradise is a great place to learn gymnastics and have fun!

Patrick B., Walpole

At other gyms, I have witnessed a "cookie cutter"coaching style, where the coach doesn't realize that kids learn differently and respond differently and fail to adapt their teaching style to each student. I have always found the owner/coaches very approachable and available if I ever have any questions. Also, I have noticed there are very few, if any, serious injuries at this gym. I think it is because the girls are taught a solid foundation and have to demonstrate proper technique before they move onto any advanced skills. We have been very pleased with the gym.

Lisa Marie S., Walpole

My daughter loves gymnastics at Paradise. I like that the instructors pay very close attention to correct positioning and her safety. I have found this is not the case in all gyms. Her coach is SO encouraging and really connects with the kids.

Kristyn M., Bellingham

My daughter came to Paradise to be a part of their tumbling clinic. Having competed for a different gym and needing a little help, we decided to give them a try. All of the instructors have been very positive and encouraging. The beginning of this gymnastics season, our family decided to place her at Paradise. She has risen to every challenge they have provided her and they have helped her move to the next level of gymnastics with a lot of smiles and positive words.

Leah V., Medfield

My daughter is really thriving in this gym! I can't say enough about how supportive and knowledgable the coaching staff is. The families and the young ladies on the competitive teams have an amazing bond and are extremely supportive of one another. My daughter joined a team that had been competing together for quite a while and the girls and the families welcomed us right from the first day. They return emails very quickly, too. 

Justine C., Franklin

A great place! With the best interest of the children foremost!

Megan F., Walpole

We have been beyond thrilled with our experience at Paradise. My daughter was at a different gym until she was in kindergarten, and we felt she wasn't being challenged enough there. When we started her at Paradise, the coaches immediately noticed what she needed and began challenging her appropriately. I was so impressed with the way they ran their classes. The kids never stopped moving; they were constantly doing circuit activities. My daughter really got a workout, but in a fun way. She now competes on a team at Paradise, and she truly cannot get enough of the place! She has such a wonderful bond with her coaches and teammates. They are like a second family and we feel so comfortable entrusting her care to the staff at Paradise. Our younger children have also started taking classes at the gym and absolutely love it as well. It's amazing to see how this staff can adjust their coaching format from very young pre-school children all the way up to high level team gymnasts and succeed in doing so. You truly cannot go wrong at Paradise!


Jeanne H., Walpole

My two daughters LOVE Paradise Gymnastics. I love it too. My kids are always asking to go--I think they want to live there. The warm, caring and very professional staff doesn't get better than this. My older daughter who is 6, has been practicing and now competing for 4 years and my younger daughter who is 4 will be going on her second year at Paradise and I anticipate my kids growing up there. These coaches are super squared away, VERY attentive, so nice, and know what they're doing. I'm so happy I found Paradise and happier that my kids are having a great time and learning a skill that gives them so much confidence, and challenges them in a healthy environment. It's not just the weekly classes offered, they offer clinics that help the gymnasts master specific skills such as flips and uneven bars. It's great for cheerleaders, too. It's very cool and fun to watch the experienced students and knowing my daughters will reach that level is very exciting. Yet the coaches don't force the students beyond their ability. You can watch the progression with gentle encouragement from the coaches. I could go on and on about the amazing experience my kids are having at Paradise, but my 6 year old is waiting for me to bring her to a tumbling clinic tonight! :)


Lisa R., Walpole

My daughter loves the program at Paradise. Her coach is attentive and encouraging and really enjoys coaching the kids. Also, they pay close attention to correct positioning and safety. This is very important as my daughter learns the fundamentals of tumbling, bars,vault, etc. The end of season show was fantastic. 

Veronica K., Medfield

My 8-year-old daughter loves Paradise Gymnastics! When you ask her why, she says, "Because gymnastics is my thing!" This positive and confident attitude has been instilled in her by her Paradise coaches. They are professional, warm, fun, and know how to motivate young gymnasts.

Erica R., Westwood

My 9 year old daughter is on a team here and she loves it. She loves the coaches and I do too. They really watch and help her. My daughter has made so much progress at this gym. I also love how the team supports each other. The coach is extremely responsive in communicating... I prefer email and she is great with that. Paradise is a wonderful, family run gym with excellent coaches. We have tried another gym, but my daughter said there is a big difference in the coaching, she is reaching her goals... and excelling. The coaches are excellent and they also promote a great team..they all are so nice to each other, and so supportive. The coaches are also very easy to talk to, and very responsive to my emails... excellent communication.

Patrick B., Walpole

I have had two daughters at paradise (8 and 10) for awhile and couldn't be happier! It is a second home to my daughters and the coaches and owner really make them feel that way! My daughters have very different personalities, one being quite a bit more sensitive than the other one. What is wonderful for our family is that the coaches recognized this and adjusted their coaching style with each of my daughters, which helped them both achieve their maximum potential. 

Christine D., Medfield

My two older daughters went to this gym for several years and now their younger sister is going to start her first gymnastics class. The coaches are wonderful with the children. They are positive and knowledgeable. They take the time to get to know the children and teach skills in a fun and engaging manner that establishes a lifelong love of gymnastics.

Carrie C., Walpole

We switched our daughter from another local gym to Paradise last year and we could not be happier with our decision. The practices are well organized and focus on the fundamentals and techniques of gymnastics, and the instructors are caring, attentive and positive. Our daughter loves it there, as well, which is the most important thing of all!