General Rules

The staff and management of Paradise Gymnastics are dedicated to providing an environment conducive to learning and fun.

The safety of your child is our number one priority. Our staff is trained and is USAG Safety certified. The following guidelines have been carefully drawn up with fairness and safety as our guiding factor. We ask that the guidelines be followed as they are written to assure the gym runs smoothly for you and your family.

It is the parent’s sole responsibility to notify us of all pertinent medical information of your child and to update that information as it becomes necessary.

An automatic $20.00 late fee applies for late tuition or for checks returned for insufficient funds. There is a 100% refund policy if your child tries his / her first class and either you or your child does not want to continue. Tuition / pay periods are nonrefundable for any reason after the trial class and / or once fees have cleared for future pay periods as we are holding your spot.

There are no make up classes for missed days in any Pay Period during the year for any reason including snow days or unforeseen weather conditions etc. There is no gymnastics if Walpole schools are canceled. Please call the gym on the day in question and the answering machine will update the status of classes that day. There are no payment adjustments or refunds for missed classes or for children who retire/quit in the middle of a pay period.

Girls must wear a leotard and boys wear shorts and a t-shirt. No jewlery please. Hair must be pulled back and all must have bare feet.

Encourage young children to use the bathroom prior to class. Bring them to class on time and pick them up on time. If someone other than a Parent / Guardian will be picking them up, let our staff know beforehand.

Only gymnasts are allowed in the gym with the exception of parties and special group functions.

Team Rules, Policies, and Information