Rules & Policies

The staff and management of Paradise Gymnastics are dedicated to providing an environment conducive to learning and fun.

The safety of your child is our number one priority. Our staff is trained and is USAG Safety certified. The following guidelines have been carefully drawn up with fairness and safety as our guiding factor. We ask that the guidelines be followed as they are written to assure the gym runs smoothly for you and your family.

SIGN UP: To sign up, go ONLINE and create your account or log in to the parent portal to choose your class. 
Sign up anytime! The system will prorate new students for any recreational or tumbling classes missed. 

ENROLLMENT FEE: Yearly member enrollment fee is $40 / child or $50 / family. Enrollment is valid through August 2023. Required for all programs: gymnastics, tumbling and private lessons.

Rules and policies, as well as tuition cost, is subject to change at any time without notice. 

NO CLASSES for 2022-2023: October 10, November 11, November 21-27, December 24-January 8, January 16, February 14-27, April 22-30 (Full Day or Half Day Camp April 17-21 not included in tuition - see below), May 26-29, June 9- July 9 (Dates listed are excluded from tuition)

APRIL VACATION GYMNASTICS FUN: April Vacation Full Day and Half Day: Monday to Friday April 17-21, 2023. *Sign Up Online* Members & Non Members Welcome!  10% discount for 2nd or more sibling. 
Full Day: $115 / day.   $270 / 3 days.  $390 / 5 days.    Half Day: $60 / day.   $135 / 3 days.   $200 / 5 days  

KIDS NIGHTS 2022-2023   Fridays 6:15-8:15pm  *Member Price: $25/child $15/sibling  Non Member Price: $30/child $20/sibling        *Sign Up Online* 
Members & Non Members Welcome!   Ages 4-12 Boys & Girls
Halloween: October 14th, Glow Night: November 4th, Holiday: December 9th, Circus: January 27th, Valentine’s: February 10th, Lip Sync: March 10th, Funky Friday: April 14th 

UNENROLLING: To unenroll from gymnastics, email us 14-30 days before payment due date. No refunds for any reason. 

PICTURES: Picture Practice Week for all Gymnastics Programs is the week of May 16th-18th 2023. Exact day(s) & times for your pictures as well as picture forms will be passed out in April 2023. 

RECITAL: Recital for all Gymnastics Programs is Monday to Thursday June 5th-8th 2023. Exact day(s) & times for the Recital will be announced in May 2023.

SUMMER PROGRAMS: July 10th - August 25th 2023. Morning, Nighttime, Half Day, Full Day and Tumbling

MEDICAL / BATHROOM: It is the parent’s sole responsibility to notify us of all pertinent medical and/or bathroom information of your child and to update that information as it becomes necessary. Any child under the age of 4, or if they are still potty training, are required to wear a pull up or diaper. Parents or guardians will be required to cover the cost of any damaged mats, foam, equipment etc due to accidents. 

REFUNDS: There are no payment adjustments or refunds for missed classes or for children who retire/quit in the middle of a month. 

ABSENCES AND MAKEUP CLASSES: If your child will be absent, please log in to the parent portal and submit the absence before the class start time. Makeups will be not offered if you do not submit it beforehand. After you submit an absence, a makeup class will be added to your account. You must choose your makeup class on the parent portal. Makeup classes will be shown based on availability. You can choose your makeup class up to 1 week in advance. Makeups must be done while you’re still currently enrolled. Makeup classes can be used before or after the date of your absence. Makeups expire when you unenroll or at the end of the gymnastics school year season (which ever comes sooner). Snow day makeups will be given upon request based on availability. 

ATTIRE/DRESS CODE: Girls must wear a leotard. No jewelry please. Hair must be pulled back tight. All must have bare feet.


PARENTS PLEASE: Encourage young children to use the bathroom prior to class. Bring them to class on time and pick them up on time. If someone other than a Parent / Guardian will be picking them up, let our staff know beforehand. Late pickups are subject to a $20 fee that will be automatically charged to your account. 

WHO IS ALLOWED IN THE GYM: Only gymnasts and coaches are allowed in the gym with the exception of the birthday child’s parents at parties. 

COMMITMENT: Recreational classes and tumbling are required to commit to a minimum of 3 full months. Prorated months do not count towards the 3 month minimum. Team gymnasts are required to commit to the full season Sept. 2022 to June 2023. Classes are non refundable after the first class and non transferable.

TRIAL CLASSES: To do a trial class, you must sign up and pay the full amount required. If you do not want to continue, please notify us no more than 24 hours after the completion of your first class that you would not like to continue, and we will give you a refund less the $40 trial fee. After the 24 hours has passed, you are required to stay enrolled for 3 full months. 

DECLINED PAYMENTS: If your credit card is declined, you are required to bring in cash for the amount that was declined, plus a $20 late fee. Customers with past due balances cannot attend gymnastics, tumbling, meets etc. until the account is paid up to date. There will be no makeups for missed classes due to late payments. 

PRIVATE LESSONS: Private lessons are required to sign up online and pay a $40 annual enrollment fee. A parent or guardian must remain in the building during the private lesson. Private lessons are cash only. Cancellations must be made more than 24 hours in advance. On your first lesson, you must pay for your first lesson and a security deposit lesson. The security deposit will only be used for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice or it can be used on your last lesson. A $20 fee will apply for all other cancellations made more than 24 hours in advance.

Team Gymnasts are expected to participate the entire school year season, September to June, plus all of their team’s meets unless stated in September. The Florida meet is recommended and so much fun but optional.  Your gymnast's spot on team is held once you sign up and cannot be replaced. Therefore no refunds for team programs regardless of injuries or missed classes. No exceptions. Team Gymnasts that miss a month (for high school sports etc.) will be charged an additional $50 per month in cash and will not be pro rated. The team season is discounted for those who are doing the entire season, and therefore we must adjust the price for those who are not committing to the year as required on team.